Maple Syrup

I apologize for the stereotype in the title. But not only is this a symbol of my Canadian days – I’ve been staying in Toronto for over three months now – it is also a fine metaphor for the taste left in my [mediterranean-taste-adjusted] mouth after the news: They made a movie about Wakefield. And we had nothing to do with it.

As you can see by the lack of posts, nothing terribly important really happened in the last six months, in regards to The Wakefield Variation.

Something happened to me though, as I decided to take the opportunity to experience Canada on a working holiday visa. Pushed to find work and network with fellow filmmakers in an all-new and still competitive setting, I didn’t forget about our beloved project. After all, Canada has always been a big part of the deal, being the home country of the lead actors and of Toronto-based story editor Jonathan Robbins (who I met again in person 4 years after Marseille! Yay!).

So, long story short: in the time that I have been here in Toronto, I have met some very talented filmmakers (all tied with MAD Resilience Films: thanks Mark!) and while talking about our respective projects, Wakefield comes up. Cards and links are exchanged, and plans of injecting new life into our dormant series are discussed! It looked like all that miniseries (re)development material was going to be taken out of the virtual drawer…


…not just yet. I was browsing the catalogue of the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival, until Bryan Cranston with a beard appears. TIFF will screen the international premiere of Wakefield, directed by Robin Swicord and based on the short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne E. L. Doctorow. The late Doctorow retooled the original, public domain short story into an updated piece, published by The New Yorker in 2008. And no, we didn’t know about this.

So, I don’t know if this will affect the future of The Wakefield Variation. If it will, I hope it’s in a positive way. Somehow this is a perfect follow-up to the previous post: the nice thing is that it proves we might have had a good idea, using Wakefield as source material/inspiration. Needless to say, I’m utterly curious to see this movie. No matter what is actually in it, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a bittersweet feeling. After years of thinking of all of this as a solitary run… we’ve been overtaken.

Although… the race isn’t over yet 🙂


Wakefield’s follow-up

With the Roma Web Fest approaching (september 26-29), screening episode 2 “Variation” in the foreign language category, it looks like the 2014 festival season is coming to an end. But what is happening around The Wakefield Variation? All the development claims seem to have vanished, and over one year and a half after the original pilot broadcast, nothing seems to have moved a slightly bit forward.

sat_remote3We know it’s the way it seems, but if you were just a little closer to us you’d know we’ve been working hard for this project… undercover, Wakefield’s style 🙂 Although we’re still far from seeing the outcome of our efforts, let’s say we spent the last couple of months thinking (and writing) about a broader context for The Wakefield Variation. Stay tuned!


Con il Roma Web Fest in arrivo (26-29 settembre), che avrà in concorso il secondo episodio, “Variation”, nella categoria lingua straniera, sembra che la stagione 2014 dei festival sia prossima alla fine. Ma cosa sta succedendo attorno a The Wakefield Variation? Tutti i proclami di sviluppo sembrano svaniti, e oltre un anno e mezzo dopo l’uscita del pilota originale, sembra che niente si sia mosso.

Sappiamo che è così che sembra, ma se foste appena un po’ più vicini a noi sapreste che stiamo lavorando duro a questo progetto…sottotraccia, nello stile di Wakefield 🙂 Sebbene il risultato dei nostri sforzi sia ancora lontano, diciamo che abbiamo passato l’ultimo paio di mesi a pensare (e a scrivere) un contesto più ampio per The Wakefield Variation. Restate sintonizzati!


Going to Melbourne (with a gift)

Melbourne WebFest is starting tomorrow, and although we won’t be there in person, we’re sure it will be an amazing event: The Wakefield Variation – which is part of the 2014 official selection in the suspense/thriller category – will be screened this Sunday in block 2, as shown in the attached screening schedule.

We look forward to see pictures and videos and get some feedback from all of you lucky ones who will be attending the spectacular Deakin Edge… and for the occasion, we decided it was time to give a second life to One Look Behind, the graphic novel prequel to our beloved series: you can now download it for FREE! Happy reading!

MWF 2014 Official Selection screening scheduleIl Melbourne WebFest inizia domani, e sebbene non potremmo esserci di persona, siamo sicuri che sarà un evento fantastico: The Wakefield Variation – che è parte della selezione ufficiale 2014 nella categoria suspense/thriller – sarà proiettata domenica nel block 2, come mostrato dal programma allegato.

Non aspettiamo altro che vedere foto e video ed avere un po’ di opinioni dai fortunati che entreranno nel fantastico Deakin Edge… e per l’occasione, abbiamo deciso che era l’ora di dare una seconda vita a Come Nasce Una Spia, il prequel a fumetti della nostra amata serie: ora è possibile scaricarlo GRATIS! Buona lettura!

Wakefield goes to Australia (and then back to Italy)

LA WEB Fest was a great achievement, though we didn’t receive an award: The Wakefield Variation earned a world-wide showcase, which is exactly what we wanted. Now we’re happy to announce that this is actually an ongoing project, as we’ve been selected for the Melbourne Webfest as one of 30 outstanding webseries. The festival takes place from July 18th to 20th in Melbourne, Australia, and The Wakefield Variation is competing in the Suspense/Thriller category!

Right after its southern hemisphere trip, our beloved webseries project might have an opportunity to show up in Rome for the Rome Web Fest: why don’t you help the process by voting for us? 🙂

Melbourne WebfestIlLA WEB Fest è stato un grande risultato, pur senza ottenere premi: The Wakefield Variation si è guadagnato una vetrina internazionale, che è esattamente ciò che volevamo. Ora siamo felici di annunciare che il processo continua, essendo stati selezionati per il Melbourne Webfest, che ha accettato solo 30 finalisti. Il festival si terrà dal 18 al 20 luglio a Melbourne, Australia, e The Wakefield Variation farà parte della categoria Suspense/Thriller!

E subito dopo il suo tour nell’emisfero sud, il nostro amato progetto potrebbe avere l’opportunità di farsi vedere a Roma per il Roma Web Fest: perché non aiutare la cosa votando per noi? 🙂


Something happened

The re-cut operation gave results:The Wakefield Variation has been selected for the 2014 LA Web Series Festival! The event will take place on march 26-30 at the Radisson LAX Hotel in Los Angeles, California, and it marks the first international screening of our beloved project! Let’s keep finger crossed, and let us thank you all the people who helped bringing it to life, no matter any prize we will or will not get. (Yeah, wathever :D)

LAwebfest 2014L’operazione di ri-montaggio ha dato risultati: The Wakefield Variation è stato selezionato per il L.A. Web Series Festival 2014! L’evento è programmato dal 26 al 30 marzo all’Hotel Radisson – LAX a Los Angeles, California, e segna la prima uscita internazionale del nostro amato progetto! Teniamo le dita incrociate, e lasciateci ringraziare tutte le persone che hanno aiutato a portarlo alla luce, senza pensare ad eventuali premi (Sì, come no! :D)

Living the exile

Today I was thinking that we’re about to enter the fourth year of The Wakefield Variation: the project was conceived in late 2011 when Alessandro and I finally agreed on which previously-written-material should be the base of our creative vision. Soon after we picked up Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Wakefield” I wrote the first draft of the screenplay of what should have become a one-off cutting-edge short film to showcase our filmmaking skills.
The project was developed during 2012 and went through several stages (check out the previous posts!) morphing into a series; the pilot episode was set to be shot on early 2013, involving an international cast, a whole crew of film pros, and the need of a lot of money.
The huge storm that hit us on the last day of shooting should have warned us that 2013 wasn’t going to be easy… and it proved right. All is still stuck, not a festival accepted our work, and the continuation of the series is still in our head.
2014 will see a new cut of the pilot episode, split in three mini-episodes tailored for the 21st century-superfast-casual-websurfer. Will it work? We definetely hope so. In the meantime, time goes by… in a fancy we would expect to see in a future (but currently unlikely) episode of The Wakefield Variation.
I guarantee there will be happier posts :-): for now, Effetto Espanso wishes all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a great 2014!

Wakefield is watching you.
Oggi stavo pensando che stiamo per entrare nel quarto anno di The Wakefield Variation: il progetto fu concepito alla fine del 2011 quando I e Alessandro scegliemmo su quale materiale-precedentemente-edito basare la nostra visione creativa. Poco dopo aver scelto “Wakefield” di Nathaniel Hawthorne scrissi la prima stesura della sceneggiatura di quello che sarebbe dovuto diventare un eccezionale cortometraggio per mostrare le nostre capacità nella produzione cinematografica.
Il progetto fu sviluppato nel corso del 2012 attraversando varie fasi (date un’occhiata ai post precedenti!) fino a diventare una serie; le riprese del pilota furono fissate per l’inizio del 2013, con un cast internazionale, un’intera troupe di professionisti e la necessità di un sacco di soldi.
L’incredibile tempesta che ci trovammo davanti l’ultimo giorno di riprese avrebbe dovuto avvertirci che il 2013 non sarebbe stato facile… e aveva ragione. È tutto ancora bloccato, non c’è un festival che abbia accettato il nostro lavoro, e la continuazione della serie è ancora nella nostra testa.
Il 2014 vedrà un nuovo montaggio dell’episodio pilota, diviso in 3 mini-episodi fatti su misura per il navigante del 21esimo secolo, casuale e superveloce. Servirà? Lo speriamo con tutto il cuore. Nel frattempo il tempo passa, nel modo che ci aspetteremmo di vedere in un futuro (ma al momento improbabile) episodio di The Wakefield Variation.
Garantisco che ci saranno post più allegri :-): per adesso, Effetto Espanso augura a tutti voi buon Natale, delle piacevoli vacanze e un fantastico 2014!

Where’s Wakefield?

September has been another month without any post, and we’re the first ones to be sad about this. It looks like things are kind of stuck, with the original series way far from being greenlit (by whom then, that’s a whole other story) and the graphic novel still waiting for a proper debut – as it is not available from major on-line book stores yet. Even more sadly, festival and pitching response has been disappointing so far.

Nontheless, it would be legit to answer the question in the subject with “he’s hiding”, as that’s what he’s actually doing in the series… the one in our minds, the one you briefly tasted in the pilot. He’s hiding so well, that not even us, the series creators, could figure out how to find him. Then we realized that maybe it was all about the proper way to look for him… and ok, now I’m putting it down so it should all make sense: The Wakefield Variation was created with big cable network production in mind, just a little bit shrunk for web audience… if you’re thinking we might have overlooked a few things, you’re smarter than us, as we only got it lately. Well, since it looks like we didn’t impress either of the two above worlds (which often collide, but I digress) we thought about some suggstions and feedback that we received in the last few months… some of them going back to the 2012 Marseille Web Fest. Ok, enough talking: what if we recut the pilot to have three 3-minute episodes?



Wakefield on NutralTV

While The Wakefield Variation is undergoing an intense development stage to actually beocome a series (you didn’t the project was dead after the pilot, did you?!) here is some interesting news: The web promoting platform Nutral TV is launching this week, and our beloved pilot is going to be featured in the very first episode! Be sure to check out their website on Wednesday, April 17th at 12 Eeastern Time (5pm in the UK, 18:00 italian time)!

Nutral TV

Social CaseHistory Forum #SCHF12 (italian only)

Ed ecco la nostra presentazione al Social CaseHistory Forum tenutosi al Centro Congressi del Palazzo Stelline di Milano lo scorso 5 luglio. Nel quarto d’ora che ci è stato gentilmente concesso abbiamo raccontato la nostra case history riguardo al crowdfunding su se abbiamo potuto parlare di un pur piccolo successo è per merito vostro 🙂 Se non c’eravate, vi siete persi l’offertona per la maglietta: per fortuna potete sempre rifarvi su Kapipal!


Speciale iniziativa per The Wakefield Variation! Ci stiamo avvicinando al giorno del Social Case History Forum (2a edizione 2012) dove racconteremo la nostra esperienza con la precedente campagna crowdfunding: regaleremo alle prime 10 (dieci) persone che doneranno per The Wakefield Variation almeno 15 euro una *maglietta ufficiale* e un video di ringraziamento personalizzato, girato dal vivo! Questa è un’offerta speciale solo per le prime 10 persone che verranno a trovarci a Milano il 5 luglio al Centro Congressi Palazzo Stelline, non perdete l’opportunità! Anche se, naturalmente, per quelli di voi che non potranno essere a Milano, ricordate che potete sempre aiutarci su 🙂

maglietta ufficiale nuova di zecca *** brand new official t-shirt

maglietta ufficiale nuova di zecca *** brand new official t-shirt

Here is a call-to-action for The Wakefield Variation! As we’re approaching the day of the 2012 Social Case History Forum (check us out on the official programme!) in which we’ll tell the audience about our past crowdfunding campaign: we’ll give the first 10 (ten) people who are going to make a donation of just EUR 15 and up an *official t-shirt* and a personalized “thank you” video, shot live!!! This is a special offer for the first 10 people only who will come visit us in Milan, july 5th! Don’t miss the chance! Though, for those of you that can’t be there, you can still help us on 🙂