Wakefield goes to Australia (and then back to Italy)

LA WEB Fest was a great achievement, though we didn’t receive an award: The Wakefield Variation earned a world-wide showcase, which is exactly what we wanted. Now we’re happy to announce that this is actually an ongoing project, as we’ve been selected for the Melbourne Webfest as one of 30 outstanding webseries. The festival takes place from July 18th to 20th in Melbourne, Australia, and The Wakefield Variation is competing in the Suspense/Thriller category!

Right after its southern hemisphere trip, our beloved webseries project might have an opportunity to show up in Rome for the Rome Web Fest: why don’t you help the process by voting for us? 🙂

Melbourne WebfestIlLA WEB Fest è stato un grande risultato, pur senza ottenere premi: The Wakefield Variation si è guadagnato una vetrina internazionale, che è esattamente ciò che volevamo. Ora siamo felici di annunciare che il processo continua, essendo stati selezionati per il Melbourne Webfest, che ha accettato solo 30 finalisti. Il festival si terrà dal 18 al 20 luglio a Melbourne, Australia, e The Wakefield Variation farà parte della categoria Suspense/Thriller!

E subito dopo il suo tour nell’emisfero sud, il nostro amato progetto potrebbe avere l’opportunitĂ  di farsi vedere a Roma per il Roma Web Fest: perchĂ© non aiutare la cosa votando per noi? 🙂



Songs in the key of Wakefield

Great news: I’m getting back at writing in first person – for a few posts, at least. And I don’t want to give up on making this place a real diary about everything that happens about this project. I just got back from Rome where I had two things scheduled: attending a screening of the pilot to a small but selected audience at Caffè Letterario, and a business meeting with some important (yet undisclosed) person who might mean a lot to the continuation of our series.

Shortly after I got home, I received an e-mail from Michael Brian, our lead actor, that is Wakefield himself! He was asking news about the project, as it looked stuck from “outside”… and I must say he’s right. There haven’t been any major updates lately, and that is because dealing with development, distribution, funding, etc is time consuming, and being our production company still made of just two people, there is no much time left for promotion, updating, advertising.

And this is bad. It really is. A project like this is kept alive by audience, readers, bloggers, casual surfers too: being born from the internet, for the internet, it needs to be appealing to the people of the internet. I tried to figure out something to change things… and I thought about going back a little bit.. back to the origin of this project, of its story, its atmosphere, its inspiration.
I couldn’t help thinking about music, and I mean way before Michele Bettali, Stefano Carrara and Fabrizio Castanìa delivered their great score. Some specific music was in my head while developing the concept behind The Wakefield Variation, and it provided a lot of inspiration for what I thought this series needed.

So I thought it could be a nice move to share with you the beginning of the creative process through the music. I’d like to start with a song that has long been in may favourite playlist, and has kept me thinking about the lyrics since the first time I listened to it. It’s Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce. In those words lies a lot of Wakefield’s “experiment”…