Beyond the sea

And the third episode of The Wakefield Variation is out, too. It marks the end of our re-cut operation and the beginning of the series’ undefined hiatus. We hope this new version will be more appealing to audience, festivals and markets, and again, we’d *love* to hear your opinion.

This whole new re-cut thing wasn’t as easy as you may think, either technically (ask our sound designer, Alessandra) or from a creative point of view. Also, dismantling our filmmaking effort has been a delicate choice. While we hope it’s going to pay off, we’re at least happy to keep our project alive. We’d like to take a vow here, saying The Wakefield Variation will not die here, no matter what. There will be a follow-up of some sort. We’d love it being more episodes of this kind, but if that won’t be possible, the story will continue, somehow.

As for our last-but-not-least episode, the seaside flashback is…. back, clearer then it used to be, we think. Also, Wakefield is forced to get over his “variation” and yes, the title is a reference 🙂 feel free to post your guess!

E anche il terzo episodio di The Wakefield Variation è online. Segna la fine della nostra operazione di ri-montaggio, e l’inizio della pausa indefinita della nostra serie. Speriamo che questa nuova versione sia più attraente per il pubblico, i festival ed il mercato, e ancora una volta, sarebbe *molto bello* ascoltare la vostra opinione.

Ri-montare tutto non è stato semplice come si potrebbe pensare, sia tecnicamente (chiedete ad Alessandra, la nostra sound designer) che da un punto di vista creativo. Oltretutto, decidere di smantellare il nostro sudato sforzo cinematografico è stata una scelta delicata. Speriamo che la cosa dia i suoi frutti, ma siamo almeno contenti di mantere il progetto vivo. Vorremmo fare una promessa ora, dicendo che The Wakefield Variation non morirà qui, qualunque cosa succeda. Avrà un seguito di qualche tipo. Vorremmo che si trattasse di altri episodi di questo genere e fattura, ma se ciò non sarà possibile, la storia andrà avanti, in qualche modo.

Riguardo il nostro ultimo-ma-non-meno-importante episodio, il flashback della spiaggia è tornato, immaginiamo in maniera più chiara rispetto al passato. Wakefield inizia a metabolizzare il fallimento della sua “variazione” e sì, il titolo è una citazione 🙂 vediamo chi indovina!


Happy New Year (again) and Why (part II)

This blog was started the first day of this very year, which is about to end (UTC+1 time zone!) and the second post was titled “Why” and dealt about the reasons of making a short film. There was also a “part one” in brackets, and one year later I feel the urge to drop a few lines about why this project has become a webseries, why it’s worth making it and why there’s nothing to watch yet.

A series is the only thing in independent film/video production that can have a market in these days, period. We can’t think of a feature, or a single short: being a company, investing a lot of what is still our own money, we have to think this way. I want to make clear that this is not something we regret or we’re ashamed of; considering how much television influenced the popular culture with great shows (even really bad ones, but that’s not what we’re talking about now) we’d be glad to be part of that arena.

Obviously, we must be aware of competing in a different league, but the web and all of its distribution opportunities are making possible something which was pure fantasy only a few years back. With the pilot episode of The Wakefield Variation we want to show the internet audience our take on independent webseries: an international blend of creative talent and professionals putting efforts into a small but ambitious project.
If you think it sounds like a lot of hard work you already know why it takes time 🙂 Happy New Year everyone!