Effetto Espanso

Effetto Espanso is the freelance collective behind the project. We deal with film and video, their convergence and generally about motion picture storytelling. We used to say that we focus on documentary and its blending with the fiction world: after our short documentary The Sound of Revolution* was picked up for distribution by Cinelan, we thought we could give a real try to fiction.

We started Effetto Espanso in 2009, being two former students of Cinema Teatro e Produzione Multimediale, an MA degree in Film Studies at Pisa University; we’re trying to merge academic background and field work, while we look forward to technological, stylistic and creative trends. As film enthusiasts before even being in school and then in business, we always thought that we would try our best to produce films and make audience as happy as we would be making them. We hope to get as close as possible to that with The Wakefield Variation.

Gianluca Olmastroni & Alessandro De Nicola, founders of Effetto Espanso

*also available on Hulu, U.S. residents only!


3 thoughts on “Effetto Espanso

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  3. Ciao mi chiamo Daniele e sono un attore, ho visto il trailer di Wafefield Variation e mi è piaciuto molto, e vorrei chiedervi se fate casting o provini. Grazie saluti

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