The Wakefield Digest

We’d all love to talk about filmmaking. I mean, practical, hands-on filmmaking. I wish I could post something about how wonderful (or how bad) was a shoot today… but we’re not quite there yet. So you’ll get what we have 🙂

Casting: we met an actress in person, and we’re in touch with a couple more. We only have one candidate for the male lead (that is, Wakefield himself) …we’ll see what is going to happen. As we want to shoot with native english speaking actors, we have to deal with a lot of communication/travel/expenses issues, which makes things even harder than they would be anyway.

Script: it’s in the works, really. Jonathan Robbins and I agreed to a diagram as the base of the pilot/standalone short script. We also talked about the outline of the series, and being such positve people, we brought in topics like “first season” and “second season” 🙂 Jokes apart, Melanie Hunter is currently working on an actual second (or is it the third, or fourth?) draft of the script, which I hope to lock down soon. The idea is to have slightly different edits for the short and the pilot… but just one great script.

Technical: our DoP is currently abroad for a shooting, so we haven’t been able to talk with him about locations, light, lenses, cameras and all of this nice-but-expensive stuff, which leads to:

Crowdfunding: the sponsume campaign is going slow, but we’ve never thought of it as the only funding method. Nonetheless, help is appreciated, as we have just about 40 days ahead before the campaign ends 🙂 It’s still a little early for product placement, but we’re working on it.

Talk to you people soon… and don’t be afraid to post a comment, it’s free of charge 🙂


going to Wakefield

Spent some time scouting the main location yesterday… It still misses a lot to look like Wakefield’s home, but that is something our set decorator will have to work on. Placed some phone calls, sent/read emails… Crowdfunding still going slow, but we hope in some improvement now the full italian presskit is out. We started talking about product placement with an agency, let’s see if it turns out as a good way to get funded. Still way too much road ahead to see the first lights of Wakefield…

Pomeriggio di ieri passato a fare un sopralluogo nella location principale… mancano molte cose per farla sembrare la casa di Wakefield, ma è qualcosa su cui dovrà lavorare la nostra scenografa. Fatte un po’ di telefonate, lette/inviate un po’ di email… Il crowdfunding stenta a decollare, ma speriamo in qualche miglioramento ora che la cartella stampa ufficiale è uscita. Abbiamo iniziato a parlare di product placement con un’agenzia, vediamo se si rivela un buon modo di avere finanziamenti. Certo la strada che abbiamo davanti è ancora troppo lunga per vedere le luci di Wakefield…