Maple Syrup

I apologize for the stereotype in the title. But not only is this a symbol of my Canadian days – I’ve been staying in Toronto for over three months now – it is also a fine metaphor for the taste left in my [mediterranean-taste-adjusted] mouth after the news: They made a movie about Wakefield. And we had nothing to do with it.

As you can see by the lack of posts, nothing terribly important really happened in the last six months, in regards to The Wakefield Variation.

Something happened to me though, as I decided to take the opportunity to experience Canada on a working holiday visa. Pushed to find work and network with fellow filmmakers in an all-new and still competitive setting, I didn’t forget about our beloved project. After all, Canada has always been a big part of the deal, being the home country of the lead actors and of Toronto-based story editor Jonathan Robbins (who I met again in person 4 years after Marseille! Yay!).

So, long story short: in the time that I have been here in Toronto, I have met some very talented filmmakers (all tied with MAD Resilience Films: thanks Mark!) and while talking about our respective projects, Wakefield comes up. Cards and links are exchanged, and plans of injecting new life into our dormant series are discussed! It looked like all that miniseries (re)development material was going to be taken out of the virtual drawer…


…not just yet. I was browsing the catalogue of the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival, until Bryan Cranston with a beard appears. TIFF will screen the international premiere of Wakefield, directed by Robin Swicord and based on the short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne E. L. Doctorow. The late Doctorow retooled the original, public domain short story into an updated piece, published by The New Yorker in 2008. And no, we didn’t know about this.

So, I don’t know if this will affect the future of The Wakefield Variation. If it will, I hope it’s in a positive way. Somehow this is a perfect follow-up to the previous post: the nice thing is that it proves we might have had a good idea, using Wakefield as source material/inspiration. Needless to say, I’m utterly curious to see this movie. No matter what is actually in it, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a bittersweet feeling. After years of thinking of all of this as a solitary run… we’ve been overtaken.

Although… the race isn’t over yet 🙂


People, meet Wakefield

We talked a lot about the character, we screened several auditions, and we told you many times we were about to make the announcement. I guess some of you might have believed this was just a big joke, that Wakefield never existed or something like that. Well this is not true, as we’re happy to say that our title character will be played by Michael Brian!

Michael Brian is a Vancouver based actor with a strong background in theatre as well as film. He studied theatre at Capilano University where he received a diploma in theatre arts: since graduating he has studied at West Coast Actors Studio, School Creative with Linda Darlow, and is currently at Studio on The Drive studying with Aaron Craven. In the last few years Michael has been focusing on film acting with over 17 leading roles in independent short films, several of which he has received best actor nominations for, as well as a supporting role in a Vancouver web series still in post production. Most recently Michael has been seen on the television show Fringe as well as the television show Psych and is currently working on his own short film/web series, still in pre-production. Although Michael is currently doing the majority of his work in film, his love for the craft all started on the stage with roles in “A Mid Summer Nights Dream” preformed at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, “The Real Inspector Hound”, “The Music Man” performed at Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver and “The Doctor Will See you Now” performed at The Deep Cove Stage Society. Michael is grateful to be a part of this next project “The Wakefield Variation” where he will be playing the title character Wakefield.


Abbiamo parlato molto del personaggio, visionato provini, e vi abbiamo detto molte volte di essere sul punto di fare l’annuncio. Credo che qualcuno di voi possa aver pensato che fosse tutto un grosso scherzo, che Wakefield non sarebbe mai esistito o roba del genere. Beh direi che non è vero, essendo felici di annunciare che Wakefield sarà interpretato da Michael Brian!

Michael Brian è un attore di Vancouver con esperienza in teatro e in cinema. Ha studiato teatro alla Capilano University, dove si è diplomato. Dopo si è formato alla West Coast Actors Studio, la School Creative con Linda Darlow, e al momento sta studiando con Aaron Craven allo Studio on the Drive.
Negli ultimi anni Michael si è concentrato sul cinema con 17 ruoli da protagonista in cortometraggi indipendenti, alcuni dei quali sono stati nominati per un premio come miglior attore protagonista; ha anche un ruolo non protagonista in una webseries ancora in post-produzione girata a Vancouver.
Recentemente Michael è apparso in serie tv internazionali come Fringe e Psych, e sta lavorando alla sua webseries, ancora in pre-produzione.
Sebbene stia lavorando principalmente nel cinema, il suo amore per la recitazione è nato sul palcoscenico con ruoli in “Sogno di una Notte di Mezza Estate” rappresentato al Vogue Theatre di Vancouver, “Il vero ispettore Hound” e “The Music Man” rappresentati al Centennial Theatre di North Vancouver e “The dottor twill see you now” alla Deep Cove Stage Society. Michael è felice di far parte del progetto “The Wakefield Variation” nel quale interpreterà il protagonista, Wakefield.