going to Wakefield

Spent some time scouting the main location yesterday… It still misses a lot to look like Wakefield’s home, but that is something our set decorator will have to work on. Placed some phone calls, sent/read emails… Crowdfunding still going slow, but we hope in some improvement now the full italian presskit is out. We started talking about product placement with an agency, let’s see if it turns out as a good way to get funded. Still way too much road ahead to see the first lights of Wakefield…

Pomeriggio di ieri passato a fare un sopralluogo nella location principale… mancano molte cose per farla sembrare la casa di Wakefield, ma è qualcosa su cui dovrà lavorare la nostra scenografa. Fatte un po’ di telefonate, lette/inviate un po’ di email… Il crowdfunding stenta a decollare, ma speriamo in qualche miglioramento ora che la cartella stampa ufficiale è uscita. Abbiamo iniziato a parlare di product placement con un’agenzia, vediamo se si rivela un buon modo di avere finanziamenti. Certo la strada che abbiamo davanti è ancora troppo lunga per vedere le luci di Wakefield…

Director’s chair

Hi everyone, as you can see from the avatar, from now on we’ll have different profiles for each team member… so you’ll know exactly who’s writing. Lisa has done a great job so far taking care of the latest major updates, but I thought it could be a good idea to go back talking about filmmaking. After all this was supposed to be a work-in-progress diary!

Well, putting crowdfunding aside for a moment, we’ve been thinking a lot about the cast, lately. The Wakefield Variation features only two characters, but since we’re looking for native english speakers, it makes things harder. That’s why we’ll likely have someone coming from…. well, we won’t say that yet 🙂

casting call now open!

Ok, let’s put the crowdfunding hassle aside for a moment, and focus on the actual filmmaking process. It’s time to look for talent! For The Wakefield Variation, we’re looking for:

  • 1 Actress, age 20-30
  • 1 Actor, age 25-35

As you should already know, the short is internationally oriented for marketing and festivals, and previous experience is appreciated. The filming will take place in Florence/Pisa/Lucca (we’re scouting locations right now) and will be in english: we won’t accept applications from non-native english-speakers. We ask for a resume with pictures (full shot + face) for first selection. Please spread the word! (And while you’re at it, what about a donation?)

Thank you!

Did anybody notice our update on the HelpersUnite page? We’re actually giving away a priceless prize to the first five people (that’s right, just the first 5) who donate at least $25: You’ll get a personalized video in which we will thank you saying your name! That is something that is going to be remembered by the generations ahead 🙂

Oh, when we mentioned the mispronounciation, in the update, we we’re joking. That is, we would not do it on purpose, it just… might happen 🙂 I mean, you watched the video, didn’t you? Anyway, that is the icing-on-a-cake of distinctiveness which makes the prize even more valuable!

Being serious… please remember that 5% of all donations made to our project will go immediately to Shine On Sierra Leone Inc, a International, Foreign Affairs & National Security charity. By supporting our project you’ll also be making a tax-deductible donation that supports this great organization. Visit our project today to learn more about both our project goals and the charity that you’ll be supporting.

website online!

And I’m talking about the new internet home of Effetto Espanso! It may not be the latest cutting-edge webdesign, but I’m sure it will benefit from migrating to WordPress. The blog page now allows for comments, so we’ll be glad to hear what you think. We still consider this very blog the official page for discussing The Wakefield Variation (and it will always have the most fresh updates) but for everyhting else related to our work… that’s the place! Plus, the non-hosted wordpress version allows for the cool HelpersUnite widget as you can see here!

Speaking of HelpersUnite, we are about to post a major update about prizes…. don’t miss the chance to be one of the first donators: 56 days left may seem to be a lot, but they’re not! 🙂

busy days

We may have thought that shooting the promotional video for the crowdfunding campaign was the hard part…. we were wrong! The hard part is now, or getting people know about our project, make them interested, even befere convincing them that donating to us (and to SOSL) is worthy. Actually, I’m starting to think it won’t get any easier from now on. Anyway, despite our company website being still down – we moved to another hosting, hopefully faster – and other minor work issues, we are optimistic about the destiny of The Wakefield Variation. We played with twitter a little bit, but we’re happy to announce that we’ll have an intern join our team really soon, and he/she will take care of all the networking and public relations. Stay tuned. And spread the word!

the raise begins!

Here we go, The Wakefield Variation has been officially approved for a crowdfunding campaign on HelpersUnite and is now active! You can view the public profile of the campaign here. Even before you decide whether to help us or not, remember that 5% of the amount of funding collected will be given to Shine on Sierra Leone Inc. Now go read the full details of the project – and watch our hard-earned finished promotional video – and tell us what you think!


Our website http://www.effettoespanso.it is currently under restyling… it will be back real soon, better than ever 🙂


HelpersUniteLadies and gentlemen, we proudly announce that The Wakefield Variation has been approved by our chosen crowdfunding platform, HelpersUnite, and will be online soon: not just for enthusiasts and potential donators, but also for charity…. we’ll get back to this in the next posts, but helping this project means that you will also help an honorable cause. That is, even more honorable than ours 🙂 Anyway, we just wanted to publish the good news. Now we’re just a little video editing away from the real thing. Just a couple of fixes and we’ll be online. Stay tuned!

Almost there (II)

We’ve been into editing today, and the final cut is due this weekend…. but it wouldn’t be fair if we kept ludicrous face number 2 for our eyes only! Here he is, the producer of The Wakefield Variation. The shot will be cropped in the final version 😉

Alessandro De Nicola

The Tonight Show with Alessandro

Almost there (I)

The official facebook page of The Wakefield Variation has been chosen to first broadcast a picture, but the blog always gets the best material 🙂 I admit it is not much, but a lot more will be revealed in the next few days. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a glimpse of the crowdfunding promotional video set that we “built”. Please appreciate the home-made teleprompter (we apologize for having blurred the text, but I’m sure you understand) as well as my ludicrous face!

Crowdfunding - promotional video set

Crowdfunding video - behind the scenes