Thank you!

Did anybody notice our update on the HelpersUnite page? We’re actually giving away a priceless prize to the first five people (that’s right, just the first 5) who donate at least $25: You’ll get a personalized video in which we will thank you saying your name! That is something that is going to be remembered by the generations ahead 🙂

Oh, when we mentioned the mispronounciation, in the update, we we’re joking. That is, we would not do it on purpose, it just… might happen 🙂 I mean, you watched the video, didn’t you? Anyway, that is the icing-on-a-cake of distinctiveness which makes the prize even more valuable!

Being serious… please remember that 5% of all donations made to our project will go immediately to Shine On Sierra Leone Inc, a International, Foreign Affairs & National Security charity. By supporting our project you’ll also be making a tax-deductible donation that supports this great organization. Visit our project today to learn more about both our project goals and the charity that you’ll be supporting.


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