Why (part one)

So, why a short film, and why now? Well into the digital/pro-sumer era, everybody is trying to be a filmmaker: though some people are quite succesful at that, we see a lot of stuff we could easily live without. Before the digital video hype began, I guess until the late 90s, independent short films (or features, for that matter) were hardly something for people outside the business: we’re not being nostalgic about the good ol’ times, we just want to do things the way we think they should be done… starting from the story.

Like we already said, we’re running our own small company, therefore we can check the “inside business” box. We’ve been doing corporate videos, live events and this kind of stuff, but we both have academic background in film studies, and some prior experience in  filmmaking (we’ll talk about that later on); after almost two years trying to produce a documentary for television, we thought we needed a more controlled environment to express ourselves. That is why we started looking for a story in which we – as a producer/director duo – could identify AND that we would love to watch as well. That’s the short version of The Wakefield Variation genesis.


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